Con los pies en la Luna

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So, let’s continue. After the Mozart competition in January, I went back to Spain where I had planned to get my driving license as fast as possible.

Finally it took a bit longer than I thought, but it was necessary :  I work at the Maestranza in the evenings, we live far from Sevilla and there are no buses in those late hours. In march, I had to accompany the choirs rehearsals for Carmina Burana, the 9th symphony of Beethoven and one interesting and unknown piece of De Falla called Atlantida. Later, in may, it was a new experience because I was playing the piano part in the small orchestra of 10 people of one contemporary opera for children called « Con Los pies en la Luna » (literally « with the feet in the moon ») written by Antoni Parera Fons which is a kind of opera-documentary about the first travel of the human kind to the moon.

We had 9 representations in Sevilla’s Maestranza and then we travelled to Bilbao to play there 4 representations. It was so exciting but quite stressful and tiring aswell, as we had only 3 days of rehearsals to prepare it. The rhythm in that piece wasn’t especially easy, even more for the piano part that never stopped in the whole piece.

As we have the bad habit as pianists to be so used to play alone or in chamber music (where we are supposed to lead the group), I must admit I was really not used to follow an orchestra director… The other instruments were also not very helped in case they would get lost, because there was only one instrument of each: one violin, one cello, one double-basse, one trumpet, one clarinet, one horn, one flute, one other pianist that was playing electronic keyboard and had to change all the time the register, and the poor percussionist that had to run from one instrument to the other all the time, he must have lost 2kg per performance!

Here is the Maestranza’s theater seen from the orchestra pit:


At the first representation, we were quite afraid to get lost or make mistake, but after 9 representations (once we played it 3 times in the same day!) we could play it with closed eyes…One other detail: I never realized that the musicians of the orchestra actually never see the stage and the singers! It’s very frustrating, especially after playing 13 times the same thing.

Then, after Sevilla we traveled to Bilbao to be there 4 days. It was like holidays as we had just one rehearsal, the 4 representations were not so tiring and we had a lot of time for sightseeing and have fun all together. A small group of 10 people is more easily going out than an entire orchestra! On our arrival, we went directly to try the culinary speciality of Bilbao and Pais Basco: the Pinchos, small pieces of bread with a mix of whatever you can imagine other it (fish, ham, cheese, pate..). There are thousand kinds of them and every restaurant propose their own receipts. Here is an example of how it looks like:



It is delicious but really dangerous for the body figure! It is small so you never get full and can keep eating for hours…

After our gastronomical experiences, the second day we had a rehearsal and a representation in the evening. This is the opera of Bilbao:



On the next day, as we had a free morning I did some sightseeing and went to THE place you should not miss in Bilbao: the Guggenheim Museum. Bilbao has two parts: the old city where are the shops, restaurants and places to go out, that look like this



And the modern part, where is the Museum. This was taken on my way from our hotel to the Museum:



And this is the Museum, with its amazing architecture and its famous sculpture of dog made of flowers:



The museum itself has a more interesting architecture than contents. Well, I have to admit I am not that fond of modern art. To call a wall with changing lights a piece of art is a bit out of my understanding, but this is just a personal opinion.

Then, we just had some more representations, and the last evening we went out to celebrate. Those are the guys having tons of meat


And this is after the last representation in the morning before we took the plane, a group picture with the singers:


Just before we went to the airport, I went to make some shopping to start spending the nice money we got! Anyway, it was a really nice time, nice city to discover and I loved being part of an orchestra, even if it is stressful for a pianist… At least now I know how it works for the next time! :)

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    As I can see you enjoy not only your job but also nice journeys :) !!!

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