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Wow, almost one year that I didn’t write anything! Anyway, I was writing only in french and I think it is easier for everyone if I start sending posts in english. So, 2011 is almost getting to its end (although I still have a mountain of things to do waiting for me!) but until now it has been full of exciting happenings and experiences. Let’s start from the beginning of the year.
In january I was the whole month in Salzburg making exams for my Master studies and preparing for Mozart competition. Well, nothing much to say about a Mozarteum student’s life. Everyday is quite the same: wait for a room, which can take a long time depending on the queue that can look like this

You can practice 2 hours until somebody kicks you out. This is how the practice rooms look like:

This is my favorite one, with a nice view on the hall:

This is a nice view on Salzburg from a practice room in the 2nd floor:


After practicing or during the day, to take a break or to eat, there are many places around to eat quite cheap: the cafe San Marco just at the corner of Makartplatz that offers a lunch menu for 5 euros, the cafe Zentral, a bit more snobbish but very cosy, especially in winter when it’s -15 degrees outside with snow.


So my life in January was like that, I remember watching Amadeus and those cold evenings when I was reading some kind of novel about Mozart life to get inspiration before the competition, where I was actually really surprised to get to the 3rd round! I always thought that Mozart is unplayable, I would never take the risk to play his music especially in this city where they are supposed to know better than anywhere else how it should be played – although every teacher has a different idea…
For me it was more an opportunity to extend my repertoire and to learn the character of Mozart’s music and the interpretation of his pieces. At the end it was a great experience, as I was preparing the competition with two close friends from Mozarteum, we were getting stressed together, relaxing together in practicing breaks, playing everyday the first round for each other…

Then at the competition I picked the last number, so I had to wait 3 days to play the first round, the nice thing was that I was getting the results immediately. It is so stressful to pass the rounds, because usually you would practice more the first round the last week before the competition start, but if you pass, after one day you have to play 45 minutes program that you eventually didn’t really touch for a few days…
Of course I was so surprised to pass each time that I started to dream to get to the finals, but unfortunately that didn’t happen, anyway I was already quite happy. And I got a prize to buy Bärenreiter scores that I am using now!

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