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On March 23th, I finished my Master studies, giving a solo recital in the main concert hall of Mozarteum. A really important day in my life that I enjoyed the much I could with friends, family and loved ones.

With Prof.Gililov

With Prof.Gililov

But finishing the studies isn’t only to survive some exams. It is finishing a long and intense phase of your life and entering another one, the unknown, especially for a musician. Because, whatever they say, whatever conference or courses they give us about concerts management and self-promotion, we are definitely not prepared to face ourselves to real life. We are in a wonderland full of dreams to become a concert pianist, preparing a competition every 3 months, failing or not. Just 1% of the piano students of a high level university like Mozarteum will get a concert pianist life and survive from solo recitals. And this is the only thing we are expected to do! When the 99% of my colleagues will be teaching, collaborative pianists, playing chamber music and fighting to find concerts. Because the university protects you during 8 years in a kind of cocoon, but lets you vulnerable in the middle of nature as soon as you graduate, with many sharks around you fighting for the same gigs, concerts and jobs.

Anyway, I’m not here to complain. Even it didn’t prepare me to become my own manager or look for concerts, at least I learnt more than ever, got amazing lessons and support from my teachers. I also realised that the 8 years I spent at Mozarteum didn’t only help me to develop as a pianist, but also as a human, to find my real personality and to meet amazing people, among then my best friends and of course, my boyfriend. I discovered a city, a different way of living, different mentalities. I met people from many countries; shared hours of chamber music rehearsals and joys, hours of metaphysical conversations about our teachers, music and life in general, went to amazing concerts, practiced at 5 in the morning, played class concerts with hangover, and many more experiences. All those extraordinary moments thank’s to Mozarteum that will always have a big place in my heart.

With Daniel, my boyfriend and Duo Pianissimo partner!

With Daniel, my boyfriend and Duo Pianissimo partner!

For my graduation concert, to honour my university, I played some of my favorite pieces of the piano repertoire: Brahms Klavierstücke op.76, Skrjabin Sonata n.9, Beethoven Sonata op.109 and Ravel Valses Nobles et Sentimentales. It was a wonderful evening sharing this beautiful music with all my dearest people.


With my grandparents

Next day, I enjoyed my last hours in Salzburg with family and friends before heading back to Spain.


With my mother

So, this was just to say: dear Mozarteum and its practice rooms, teachers, students and everybody around, I love you all! It was great fun!

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  1. Courtney Murias
    mai 22, 2012 @ 09:22:48

    I loved reading about your experience at the mozarteum! I hadn’t realized you’d been there for 8 years!!!! A huge congrats on being done that chapter and I hope for all your wildest dreams to come true with your solo career!



  2. Justine
    mai 22, 2012 @ 13:14:22

    Hey Courtney! Long time no see! Thank’s for your comment. Yes, I was there a long time, but I lived in Salzburg only 4 years and made my Masters already living in Spain. Thank’s God because it helped me to already find some gigs and contacts, otherwise, as I wrote in my article, I would be really lost in the jungle…
    How is going everything for you?


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