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Choir rehearsal room @ Maestranza

Choir rehearsal room @ Maestranza

I’m sorry, this week I am so busy that I don’t really have time to keep on the serie of my favorite playlist! I will continue next week, I go to France to visit my family and will have some free time to enjoy some nice music together.

Now I’m working at Maestranza on an unknown opera of a spanish composer called Ramon Carnicer. The opera is called Cristoforo Colombo, so basically it is about the journey of Colomb to America.

It’s the second time in history that this opera will be performed, as it has been forgotten after its Première during the 19th century. Carnicer was a friend of Rossini and you can notice that in this opera : the text is in Italian although the composer was spanish, and the music is typical from this period: arias, recitatives, virtuosity… and lots of cadences !


Besides, I’m working on another production of a Zarzuela called La Revoltosa; Zarzuelas are typical operas from Spain, like Opérettes in France. It’s between a theater piece and an opera, as there are many spoken parts, and there are also ballets. Here you can have an idea of how it sounds like:

Direct Link to YouTube [3AAmd0VYZ2s]

The story is about an attracive woman, Mari Pepa, having all the men at her feet; she likes to play with that and enjoys flirting. But in fact, she is in love with only one, Felipe, that doesn’t seem to be interested in her.
Meanwhile, the wifes of these men are obviously jealous and want to give their husbands a lesson, with a secret plan of making them believe that Mari Pepa gives them a Rendez-vous – that reminds me Nozze di Figaro, with the false Rendez-vous of Almaviva and Suzanne.
Finally, Mari Pepa discovers that Felipe is in love with her too but he has a very jealous character.
At the end, the men fall into their wife’s trap and each of them come to meet Mari Pepa at night, thinking that she is in love with them, but they just encounter each other and Mari Pepa isn’t there… and their wifes have a proof of their unfaithfullness. What a shame! Felipe is furious but realizes that it isn’t Mari Pepa’s fault, and everything ends well.

It’s very funny, especially the flirting scenes. You definitely have to understand spanish, as it is spoken with a kind of andalusian accent.

I should leave now for our next rehearsal; I realized this week especially why opera accompaniment is called « Korrepetition » in german or « Maestra Repetidora » in spanish: I spend hours and hours to repeat the same bars and pages! That is tiring, but I really enjoy watching how they make the staging, we really laugh a lot at the Zarzuela and everybody is participating and giving ideas as it is a new company.
Another extract to end up with some music:

Direct Link to YouTube [huE8emDr02s]

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