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Summer is a great time to take time to do things you postpone during the year, like… writing on your blog! I feel so bad about my inconstancy – hopefully this coming year I will organize myself better, or at least try to. Since my last post, I have to admit that my life changed quite a lot as I got a regular work as a piano teacher in a music school next to Sevilla. I have also extra jobs, gigs and concerts around Spain and abroad, I will comment about that in my upcoming articles. It was actually complicated to find time to practice my solo pieces, duo and sight read some chamber music or operas!  8-O

Anyway, today I wanted to post about a subject that always amused me and I would love to know how you feel yourself as a musician or music-lover.

As we know, each composer has his own character and can make us feel happier, ecstatic, sad, nostalgic, contemplative, dreamy or however you want. So let’s imagine you would associate a season of the year to a composer’s style, what would it be?



Here is my list, with some of the most famous composers – or my favorites.

A.Vivaldi: The 4 seasons, hahaha! No, seriously, his music reminds me of spring.

J-S. Bach: Winter (it’s German, it’s serious, no way it can feel very warm…)

W.A. Mozart: Spring (it’s fresh, light and innocent – or at least it seems!)

L.v.Beethoven: Summer (in which season do you encounter great weather suddenly changing to light strikes and storms?)

F.Schubert: Autumn (the good days are somehow still here, but almost gone aswell…)

F.Chopin: Autumn (like Schubert, Chopin is bitter and nostalgic. His happiness is never real…)

F.Liszt: Summer (it’s all about fire and passion!)

R.Schumann: Summer (his explosive temperament doesn’t correspond to any other season)

J.Brahms: Autumn (contemplative and intimate, perfect for an autumnal landscape and a fire place!)

R.Wagner: the 4 seasons! A whole year is not even enough for so much chromatism, we should invent an extra season just for him! :D

S.Rachmaninoff: Winter in Russia and its cold blizzard. Brrrr!

P.L. Tschaikowski : Winter (maybe because the Nutcracker reminds me of Chistmas?)

C.Debussy: Oh, that’s a hard one. So many sensations and wonderful harmonies… That would correspond to summer and autumn, because I can’t make it with only one!

M.Ravel: Spring – clear, clean, pure, and sometimes very warm too.

S.Prokofiev: Spring too. I probably associate the composers that need less pedal to this season! Pianist brain.


That’s it, I don’t want to keep with the 20th century’s composer, it gets too complicated. So what about you? Do you feel the same? Answer and surprise me!

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  1. Dievochka
    août 23, 2013 @ 07:35:21

    I would agree to all your statements except for Rachmaninov, who reminds me more the summer in Russia, the wide russian landscape but not in winter ( as Tchaikowsky).
    And what about Sibelius ? winter too ?

  2. Justine
    août 23, 2013 @ 15:32:10

    Sibelius, hard to say… Winter but with many storms too!!

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