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Another of my favorite composers is Tschaikowsky, although I’m very tired of his Piano Concerto – indeed a great piece, but played way too often. I will start my playlist with a nice solo piano piece that I would love to learn whenever I find some time for that, it’s called Dumka. Here is a great interpretation by Dang Thai Son:



I probably appreciate his music because of his ballets ; I grew up with the Sleeping Beauty, the Nutcracker and Swan Lake . Before I started with my first scales, I actually wanted to be a ballerina, but there was not an inch of talent!   :cry:

Of course I won’t post a link to his ballets, we know them, we know how magical they sound and it’s too boring. But do you know his symphonies? The 6th, of course, and what about the 4th? If you don’t have time to listen the whole piece, I really love the second movement:



Once you have heard all the symphonies, you may need something lighter but still wonderful, the Serenade for strings:



I was talking earlier about his famous piano concerto. His violin concerto is also very popular, but have you heard the Rococo Variations for Cello? I played them with a friend of mine last year and really enjoyed it – I probably enjoyed more than the poor cellist suffering!



To finish our concert, last but not least, some chamber music. His piano trio is one of the longest piece of this form, and it is subtitled In memory of a great artist, in reference to Nicolai Rubinstein, his close friend and mentor, who had died on 23 March 1881.




« All life is an unbroken alternation of hard reality with swiftly passing dreams and visions of happiness … »




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