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Summer is a great time to take time to do things you postpone during the year, like… writing on your blog! I feel so bad about my inconstancy – hopefully this coming year I will organize myself better, or at least try to. Since my last post, I have to admit that my life changed quite a lot as I got a regular work as a piano teacher in a music school next to Sevilla. I have also extra jobs, gigs and concerts around Spain and abroad, I will comment about that in my upcoming articles. It was actually complicated to find time to practice my solo pieces, duo and sight read some chamber music or operas!  8-O

Anyway, today I wanted to post about a subject that always amused me and I would love to know how you feel yourself as a musician or music-lover.

As we know, each composer has his own character and can make us feel happier, ecstatic, sad, nostalgic, contemplative, dreamy or however you want. So let’s imagine you would associate a season of the year to a composer’s style, what would it be? More

Exploring 5 activities you can do as a pianist/musician

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Since last march, I’m not a student anymore. Enough said… :-?

I thought many times what to do and as everyone know, the situation in Spain right now is really hard with the crisis – I guess it’s very hard everywhere for musicians anyway. Despite of looking for jobs as a teacher in music schools or trying to work free-lance from concerts and gigs, I realized that I won’t solve my life this way.

This year has been really nice so far as I’m working with 2 agencies from US since this summer and having lots of hope to get concerts and a worldwide promotion, but it doesn’t solve my ends of months right now. Lately I’m working on many projects at the same time that are not solving my ends of months neither but hoping it will, little by little. Here is list of the activities I have been doing, and I hope it can also give inspiration to other musicians or pianists. More

Arrangements et transcriptions

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Cette année notre Duo a été invité à la soirée de Gala du Cercle Musical de Cannes en septembre pour un concert bien particulier: ce devait être des oeuvres de caractère espagnol.

Cela parait facile à concevoir, mais il nous a quand même fallu plusieurs jours pour décider d’un programme intéressant, et de nombreuses heures de travail pour en terminer la préparation.  Bien sûr, nous avions le choix dans le répertoire orchestral dont il existe des transcriptions pour piano à quatre mains: España de Chabrier, le Cappricio Espagnol de Rimski-Korsakov ou la Jota Aragonese de Glinka. Une bonne option, mais aucun compositeur vraiment espagnol au programme! Et quand on se tourne vers De Falla ou Albeniz, par contre, il n’y a que la Pavana-Capricho d’Albeniz, qui ne représente pas particulièrement le folklore et les danses ibériques. Pour réussir un programme un peu plus exotique, nous n’avions pas d’autre alternative que d’arranger nous même les oeuvres les plus typiques: la Danse du Feu de De Falla et 4 extraits de la Suite Espagnole d’Albeniz (Granada, Sevilla, Cadiz et Asturias).
Nous n’avions jamais arrangé si sérieusement ni l’un ni l’autre et il fallait donc se jeter à l’eau devant une feuille de papier blanche pleine de promesses… mais aussi de doutes. More