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I will never listen and play Chopin the same way after the summers I spent in Nohant, when I was 10 to 15. Walking in the garden of the castle, enjoying its atmosphere, listening the sounds of the birds and of Chopin’s music played during the festival… in the same place as he himself wrote these masterworks. What a luxury! Besides, as I discovered most of his music during those summers, so I can even say that it reminds me that magical place. More

Music and tourism: my passions!

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After suffering some hours on the last movement of Beethoven 5th sonata for cello and piano, one of the hardest fugue I have ever played, the kind of piece that you have to pray every kind of Gods before any performance…

Pianists headache!

…and after a few hours of nice rehearsal with Rodrigo Garcia Simon, the cellist, we could finally enjoy giving a concert at the conservatory of Pozoblanco, a little city at 50 km from Cordoba. It was full of children and cello students, as Rodrigo was an invited teacher giving masterclasses during that week in the conservatory. Beethoven was hard for me, but Tschaikovsky Rococo Variations weren’t especially easy for him! Especially in a 30° hall during the afternoon. More

Con los pies en la Luna

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So, let’s continue. After the Mozart competition in January, I went back to Spain where I had planned to get my driving license as fast as possible.

Finally it took a bit longer than I thought, but it was necessary :  I work at the Maestranza in the evenings, we live far from Sevilla and there are no buses in those late hours. In march, I had to accompany the choirs rehearsals for Carmina Burana, the 9th symphony of Beethoven and one interesting and unknown piece of De Falla called Atlantida. Later, in may, it was a new experience because I was playing the piano part in the small orchestra of 10 people of one contemporary opera for children called « Con Los pies en la Luna » (literally « with the feet in the moon ») written by Antoni Parera Fons which is a kind of opera-documentary about the first travel of the human kind to the moon. More

La semaine folle de Justine Domisol

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Quand j’étais petite, j’aimais beaucoup lire et relire une histoire pour enfant qui s’appelle  « La semaine folle de Carole Domisol », sans doute parce que je jouais déjà du piano et son nom était très musical, et d’autre part car j’étais déjà un peu sadique et aimait rire des mésaventures des autres.

Mais Carole s’est vengée de ma méchanceté et a sans doute voulu me faire vivre ce dont je ricanais à l’âge insouciant des Disney Parades et autres poupées Barbies. Ce mois d’avril dernier m’a donné mon compte d’aventures et péripéties. More