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After suffering some hours on the last movement of Beethoven 5th sonata for cello and piano, one of the hardest fugue I have ever played, the kind of piece that you have to pray every kind of Gods before any performance…

Pianists headache!

…and after a few hours of nice rehearsal with Rodrigo Garcia Simon, the cellist, we could finally enjoy giving a concert at the conservatory of Pozoblanco, a little city at 50 km from Cordoba. It was full of children and cello students, as Rodrigo was an invited teacher giving masterclasses during that week in the conservatory. Beethoven was hard for me, but Tschaikovsky Rococo Variations weren’t especially easy for him! Especially in a 30° hall during the afternoon. More

Last days as a student…











On March 23th, I finished my Master studies, giving a solo recital in the main concert hall of Mozarteum. A really important day in my life that I enjoyed the much I could with friends, family and loved ones. More

Some reflections about solo performances

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Now that I just finished my Masters of solo performance at Mozarteum and that I enter a new phase in my life, I naturally felt the need to look back on the past 21 years of piano lessons I received in my life, 21 years of practicing, experimenting, performing, 21 years of happiness and deceptions, exasperation and hope, busted self-confidence or uncertainty about myself.

All these thoughts made me realise, a few months ago, that from all my teachers (and I respect all of them deeply), I actually never really got a real advice, a trick, a secret of how to feel good on stage, how to control my playing or how avoid stupid mistakes or memory laps – that have actually nothing to do with memory, we will come back to that subject later. Why? Why, when it is actually the point of all these hours of practicing? Why teachers only focus on technical problems, reading well the score and interpretation, and they stay away most of the time from the main point of the life of a musician, how to play in public?


Le pianiste ou le voyageur solitaire

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Quelques réflexions sur la vie de pianiste…

Je suis actuellement à Cologne où je suis venue pour quelques cours avec Pavel Gililov, mon professeur à Salzbourg qui enseigne parallèlement dans ces deux villes.

C’est une belle métropole, sûrement riche en activités des plus énivrantes:  parcs, monuments, musées à foison, des Brauhaus (bars à bière), restaurants et clubs  à chaque coin de rue… il n’y vraiment pas de quoi s’ennuyer. Mais je suis dans ma chambre, avec Internet, qui durant les premières heures de mon séjour ne fonctionnait pas, ce qui a bien failli me faire commettre un geste fatal !

Si je ne connais personne dans cette ville, comment pourrais je bien profiter correctement de la vie nocturne d’un samedi soir? More