My favorite playlists(2): Rachmaninoff

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Nothing irritates me more than people telling me that I like Rachmaninoff because I am a pianist, when I actually prefer his chamber music, his concertos and symphonies to his solo piano music! Besides, he was a great harmonist, and even his piano music is orchestral. In this aspect he can’t be compared to Chopin, for example, an amazing pianist and composer for piano (besides the cello sonata and some exceptions) who didn’t show so much talent for orchestration – with all my respect. ;)
Anyway, I’m going to act like a typical pianist and start with one of the quite unknown Rachmaninoff’s pieces for piano, the Elegy, played by the composer himself: More

My favorite playlist: Introduction

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What is the point of this blog? To share my musical activities, tastes and experiences with all of you. So I just thought one of the basics of a musician’s life is our relation to the composers and our preferences.

Of course, I have some favorite pieces. It’s always a hard choice, but I know more or less what I would bring to a lost island, even the list is long – it’s ok, now with the MP3 devices we don’t need CDs, so it wouldn’t take so much place. :D

Anyway, I thought it would be a nice subject to introduce you to my favorite composers and to some of their works that aren’t essentially the most famous ones; they are actually the ones that made me realize how much I loved those geniuses. Maybe you know them, or maybe you are contaminated by all the famous pieces that are played again and again in every concert program, like Beethoven Waldstein Sonata or Ravel Gaspard de la Nuit (it seems Ravel didn’t write anything else!).

So what do you say, let’s enjoy and listen some great non-commercial pieces?

About interpretation, life and experiences…


I will never listen and play Chopin the same way after the summers I spent in Nohant, when I was 10 to 15. Walking in the garden of the castle, enjoying its atmosphere, listening the sounds of the birds and of Chopin’s music played during the festival… in the same place as he himself wrote these masterworks. What a luxury! Besides, as I discovered most of his music during those summers, so I can even say that it reminds me that magical place. More