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Choir rehearsal room @ Maestranza

Choir rehearsal room @ Maestranza

I’m sorry, this week I am so busy that I don’t really have time to keep on the serie of my favorite playlist! I will continue next week, I go to France to visit my family and will have some free time to enjoy some nice music together.

Now I’m working at Maestranza on an unknown opera of a spanish composer called Ramon Carnicer. The opera is called Cristoforo Colombo, so basically it is about the journey of Colomb to America.

It’s the second time in history that this opera will be performed, as it has been forgotten after its Première during the 19th century. Carnicer was a friend of Rossini and you can notice that in this opera : the text is in Italian although the composer was spanish, and the music is typical from this period: arias, recitatives, virtuosity… and lots of cadences ! More

Con los pies en la Luna

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So, let’s continue. After the Mozart competition in January, I went back to Spain where I had planned to get my driving license as fast as possible.

Finally it took a bit longer than I thought, but it was necessary :  I work at the Maestranza in the evenings, we live far from Sevilla and there are no buses in those late hours. In march, I had to accompany the choirs rehearsals for Carmina Burana, the 9th symphony of Beethoven and one interesting and unknown piece of De Falla called Atlantida. Later, in may, it was a new experience because I was playing the piano part in the small orchestra of 10 people of one contemporary opera for children called « Con Los pies en la Luna » (literally « with the feet in the moon ») written by Antoni Parera Fons which is a kind of opera-documentary about the first travel of the human kind to the moon. More

Premier travail! :)

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Le 3 novembre dernier, j’ai été engagée après audition (pour laquelle j’avais préparé des extraits de la Bohème de Puccini, de Salomé et Rosenkavalier de Strauss) par le chef d’orchestre et directeur artistique Pedro Halffter pour travailler en tant que pianiste accompagnatrice à l’Opera La Maestranza de Séville.
Tout est pour le mieux dans le meilleur des monde, car c’était exactement le genre de travail qui m’intéressait déjà depuis plusieurs années. J’ai toujours aimé accompagner, déchiffrer, préparer des oeuvres pour le lendemain… En plus, avec ce travail j’aurai accès au répertoire de l’opéra et de la musique pour choeur, sans compter le fait de pouvoir cotoyer de près un chef d’orchestre et des chanteurs de renommée internationale. More