5 advices for a better sight reading

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As a collaborative pianist, sight reading is my everyday’s life. Many people asked me how did I learn or practice to get this ability, and it’s hard to answer! It is not a skill you can really develop with a teacher or at the school, it comes progressively. So, for the ones that are interested to improve their sight reading, here are some tips. More

About interpretation, life and experiences…


I will never listen and play Chopin the same way after the summers I spent in Nohant, when I was 10 to 15. Walking in the garden of the castle, enjoying its atmosphere, listening the sounds of the birds and of Chopin’s music played during the festival… in the same place as he himself wrote these masterworks. What a luxury! Besides, as I discovered most of his music during those summers, so I can even say that it reminds me that magical place. More

Some reflections about solo performances

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Now that I just finished my Masters of solo performance at Mozarteum and that I enter a new phase in my life, I naturally felt the need to look back on the past 21 years of piano lessons I received in my life, 21 years of practicing, experimenting, performing, 21 years of happiness and deceptions, exasperation and hope, busted self-confidence or uncertainty about myself.

All these thoughts made me realise, a few months ago, that from all my teachers (and I respect all of them deeply), I actually never really got a real advice, a trick, a secret of how to feel good on stage, how to control my playing or how avoid stupid mistakes or memory laps – that have actually nothing to do with memory, we will come back to that subject later. Why? Why, when it is actually the point of all these hours of practicing? Why teachers only focus on technical problems, reading well the score and interpretation, and they stay away most of the time from the main point of the life of a musician, how to play in public?